Best Container For Cold Brewed Coffee

The beauty of coffee beverages is that you need not necessarily consume them warm or purchase them from a coffee shop. Instead, it is possible for you to also consume it cold. To hold and preserve the cold coffee drink in between brewing and consumption, you have to find and make use of the best container for cold brew coffee.

This is a special piece of utensil that locks in the flavor and the caffeine contents, while also preventing the contamination of the preserved cold-brewed coffee. We want to help you learn more about this container by furnishing you with relevant pieces of information about it.

Materials That Make Up A Good Coffee Container

Let us start it out with a look into some of the leading materials that are used to make up these containers:


Glass is a top choice for restaurateurs as it is transparent and attractive to behold. Due to its transparent nature, it also allows for more precise estimations of the levels of brewed coffee in the jars. Most people also equate glass with hygiene. As such, the glass jars may be used to win over the confidence of the patrons.


Plastic is generally cheaper to come by. Owing to its unbreakable nature, it is a lot easier to handle and carry around as need be. This is a material that is largely used for holding cold brew when the same is to be consumed in a far-off place like a campsite.


If you love nature but would nonetheless want to tap into a durable cold brewer, the plastic material is yours for the taking. That is given the organic nature of the melamine material coupled with its sheer massive structural strength. Other than holding your brewed coffee, this also brings along some aesthetic values.


Ceramics are beautiful, heat and corrosion-resistant, and generally very durable. They are nonetheless derived from inorganic sources and are hence not kind to the environment. This is a material you want to look up to if you have some commercial tasks and ends in mind as the containers are indeed long-lasting.


Metallic materials are the most durable of all. As such, the containers that are made using them tend also to last longer. Over and above merely containing the coffee, the materials also imbues some aesthetic values to the places where the said containers are used.


Porcelain is a derivative of ceramics that is made of china clay and petunse. It is on the whole harder, more translucent, and elegant to behold. In many instances, the product is used in high-end restaurants that require durable and elegant coffee makers. The same goes for special occasions.

Leading Brands Of The Best Container For Cold Brew Coffee

There are many brands that are involved in the manufacture of the containers. Below are some of the leading at the moment:

County Line Kitchen

This is a North American family-owned manufacturing company that specializes in the production and distribution of coffee lids and makers. Its line of products makes extensive use of the mason jars and the patented coffee filters to adorn the coffee containers. Thus, they mainly serve commercial and restaurant settings.


Ovalware commits to the production of the best possible brewing equipment that money can purchase. These include the cold brew containers, thermometer kettles, glass carafes, and the pour-over kettles, to name but a few!  All its products are designed to lock in all the flavors and prevent any from possibly seeping out.


Takeya is a leader in the production and distribution of the best insulated hot water containers. Its products bear the stainless steel structural makeup that gives them the strength and the vitality they need to last longer and lock in extra heat. What’s more? They also keep the cold coffee ice cubes for 24 hours plus!


Godinger stands out as an affordable brand. Indeed, it channels and optimizes most of its products to the lower end of the market base. Its products, though cheap, bear some extreme innovative design and are packaged in attractive seals. They also exhibit some superior craftsmanship, have a strainer, and tend to last longer.


BTäT specializes in the manufacture of British coffee cups. It makes extensive use of porcelain to adorn its products. Most of its products are targeted at the high-end of the market. As such they are more expensive to come by. They are nonetheless more enduring given the double-wall glass makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We finish it off by answering some of the frequently asked questions about Cold Brew Coffee:

Q1. Can you store cold ice cubes in a plastic container?

A. YES, you can! The only condition should be that the container has to be watertight to prevent the contamination of the stored coffee by the external elements of dirt and contaminants and to lock in the flavors more effectively.

Q2. Do you need a special pitcher for cold brew?

A. NO! Just about any, including the ordinary pitchers used for holding regular coffee, will be of help.

Q3. Can I make a homemade cold brew with a pour-over?

A. YES! In fact, this is the fastest and the most reliable of all means. In this sense, you simply pour the mixture of the cold brew concentrate and filtered water or simple syrup over ice. Let it stay for around 2-4 minutes for the mixture to absorb the cold.

Q4. Can you use regular ground coffee for cold brew?

A. WHY NOT? You only have to use coarse ground coffee and a cold brewer for the job. This of course requires the use of a coarse coffee grinder to shred the coffee beans in pieces.

Q5. Do you need special equipment for cold brew?

A. NOT really! Any kind of pitcher will generally do just fine for the brewing of the cold coffee recipe. Just be sure it is large enough to accommodate and drip coffee with ease.


We bring to an end our look into the best container for cold brew coffee. It is our hope now that you have what may be necessary to appreciate the item better and make more informed purchasing decisions.