What is Espresso Powder?

Espresso Powder has made its way into almost every family home over the past few decades. Coffee has always been popular, but, it’s only recently that the opportunity to branch away from a simple black coffee with cream or sugar has made its way into the home. We will cover not only what instant espresso powder is but some interesting uses and facts about it

What specifically is it?

Espresso powder comes from carefully, darkly, roasted coffee beans (espresso beans) that have been ground into an incredibly fine powder. While instant coffee undergoes a similar process it is not roasted as darkly nor so carefully ground and filtered. Espresso when ground up comes as a very fine powder, similar to hot chocolate powder rather than the often gritty substance that is ground coffee beans or instant coffee. Some of the more popular beans include Arabica beans and Robusta beans.

Why do people use it so much?

While it has plenty of uses that many people may have overlooked. Obviously, you can use it to make your coffee in the morning. At the heart of it, of course, it provides a quick and easy way to make yourself a delicious cup of Joe with unmatched coffee flavor. However, espresso powder can also be used for baking in a far more effective way than regular instant coffee. A teaspoon of this very fine instant espresso powder can be easily mixed in with cocoa powder when making brownies or other tasty treats.

Good Alternatives when you’re in a pinch

If you are looking for a good alternative to espresso powder, other than the can of instant coffee which lacks the flavor, you are going to be out of luck. However, you can use regular instant espresso powder in a pinch. If you have a pestle and mortar or an electric herb grinder you can turn your regular instant coffee into a finer powder. It’s not the same, but it’s pretty darn close. Although, it’s hardly convenient. If you are looking for a good alternative when baking you are far better off making a regular cup of coffee, letting it cool down, and then mixing a small amount in with your raw ingredients.

Fun uses for Espresso Powder

Espresso is a powerful flavor that often dominates a drink, or dish (think tiramisu, baked goods, chocolate). But that doesn’t need to be the case! The coffee grounds have a plethora of cool applications in all sorts of different dishes that you may never have considered before. Of course, it makes a good garnish when sprinkled over a cake or pie. But, have you considered adding it to a stew or chili? It makes an especially good component of a dry rub for slow-cooking meat either in a slow-cooker, smoker, or BBQ.

Which countries produce the best Espresso Powder?

While coffee beans, and therefore espresso, may be produced all over the world some countries do it a little better than others. But, which country does it the best, however, is a little harder to pin down! In terms of production, Columbia has to be close to the top of the list (if not the very top). Warm weather, rolling hills, and a passion for producing top-notch coffee beans result in some truly incredible brewed coffee. And, therefore, espresso. Nutty, hints of caramel, delicious.

Which countries are the biggest drinkers of espresso?

Every country drinks coffee, even in Siberia men and women will have a warm cup of coffee to start their day. Espresso isn’t consumed quite as often as regular coffee, but, you are still likely to see it on the menu almost everywhere you go. It probably comes as no shock that Italy is the top consumer of espresso in the world. Coffee in general is such a huge part of the Italian culture that this really should come as no surprise. However, what you likely didn’t know is that Slovenia consumes just as much espresso per person as Italy!


As you can tell, espresso powder is much more than just a glorified instant coffee blend. What it is, what its uses are, some cool ways to cook with it, and who appreciates it the most. Try experimenting with it a little more in your cooking. Just a pinch, here and there. It possesses such a delicious flavor profile that can add richness and depth to a huge variety of dishes. It can be used in cooking in far more creative ways than simply adding a pinch to your brownie mix. Although, that isn’t half bad!